Estancia Buenaventura SRL - Salta, Argentina

        Welcome to Estancia Buenaventura SRL, a family owned and operated Argentine farming company. Here are the links to the other pages in our website. We hope that you will find the information to be interesting and helpful. If you need to know anything additional, get in touch with us. We would be delighted to tell you more.

Contact Information
In Argentina:
54 is the country code for Argentina, followed by
387-490-32-49 (office)
9-387-684-31-95 (cell phone)
387-431-05-25 (fax)
In the USA:
(206) 780-0300 (office)
(206) 780-0400 (fax)
Mailing Address: Estancia Buenaventura SRL
20 de Febrero 837
4400 Salta, Argentina
Now you can buy our “de la Estancia” brand organic polenta in supermarkets in the United States. Ask for it!
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