When we began operations we decided to bring the agricultural part of the Estancia into production over a period of years. We took a conservative approach because there was a learning curve to starting up an organic farming operation and we wanted to minimize mistakes. Plus, we wanted to balance our production with the markets that we were developing. As of the year 2007 we are farming over 2200 hectares and calculate that the entire area available for crops will be in use by the end of the year, perhaps another 800 hectares.

     When we are asked, “What crops do you grow?” we answer, “Anything that our customers want!” Of course there are limitations as to the crops that will thrive at Buenaventura and there are considerations of sustainability and crop rotation but within those limitations our primary goal is to provide the products in the quantities and forms that our customers require.

     To date our crops have been soybeans, corn, sunflowers, safflowers, sorghum, wheat, black beans and adzuki beans. We grow a variety of crops each year because crop rotation is essential for the preservation of the fertility of the soils and is also necessary to enhance biodiversity.

Soybean and Safflower Fields

    We are committed to developing a first-class agricultural operation – one which can produce many thousands of tons of crops each year. The world market demand for agricultural products has grown enormously and we think that there is a place for a family farm which is large and efficient and which can deliver products at low cost without losing sight of the principles of sustainability and biodiversity. Since 1998 we have sold our crops to customers in Argentina, Europe and North America.

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